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Meet the team

Our combined knowledge, passion, and experience enables us to design, manufacture and deliver our ultra-precise, highly efficient, mould solutions and overcome the most challenging design requirements. Along with their expertise, our team are committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service and support at all times.

Des Thorpe, Managing Director

A founding partner of HT Tooling Solutions, Des is a highly accomplished Engineer and successful businessman. Besides overall management of HT, Des’ management goals are to help define and develop long term growth strategies and stability for the company, ensuring the principles of our company philosophy are implemented, and above all, to ensure the highest standards of customer service are employed at all times throughout the company.

Darren Thomas, Director

Darren joined us 23 years ago as a toolmaker and has worked his way through to senior management and now directorship level within the company. His inexhaustible knowledge and expertise in manufacturing and injection moulding are assets that allow to him to take care of the general day to day running of the company. Darren is involved in all areas of the business from quotation, design, manufacturing, all the way through to fully validated production mould sign off by the customer.

Paul McHugh, Production Manager

Paul started his career with us when he was 18 and served his apprenticeship with theoretical and hands on learning in all aspects and areas of the manufacture processes we use at HT Tooling Solutions. 20 years on and fully qualified, Paul brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our Production Manager role. Paul leads our team of highly skilled, motivated, experienced and multi-skilled mouldmakers, and his goal is the consistent achievement of on-time mould completions, that meet our exacting quality standards and specifications.

Paul Bunting, Design Manager

Paul joined the company in 2011 and has in excess of 20 years of experience as a mould designer. Paul has an impressive portfolio of highly technical and complex mould designs and specialises in multi-shot and multi-cavity mould designs produced with ultra-high efficiency and process capability in mind. Paul leads our in-house design team and his goal is to ensure that each design is produced in line with our mission to produce world class mould solutions.