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What do we do?

HT Tooling Solutions Ltd. specialise in the design, manufacture, and validation of visionary, innovative, and highly efficient mould solutions to OEM’s, manufacturers, and moulding companies within the plastics industry.

Our Philosophy

At HT Tooling Solutions we strive to increase our competitiveness by providing design and manufacturing capabilities and solutions at a level that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our goal is for a satisfied and successful customer.

At HT Tooling Solutions we combine our processes and business activities with ethical principles, honesty and fairness. We have always placed huge emphasis on continuous improvement and continual investment in to our people, our manufacturing facility, and our state of the art machinery.

Proud to be ‘Made in The UK’

HT Tooling Solutions has continued to succeed in business and has built up an excellent reputation. Our reputation for quality, reliability, flexibility, and honesty with our customers is something that we have worked hard to achieve, and more so to maintain. Aware that with reputation, you are only as good as your last piece of work, we are constantly driven to deliver world class, ultra-precision, highly efficient mould tools, with outstanding customer service, without exception.

We use leading technology

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