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Due to our years of experience in the field of plastics technology we are able to offer high quality, customised solutions for all applications and technologies within the industry.


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Why HT Tooling Solutions?

Each solution we provide is tailored to our customers specific requirements. We encourage a two-way open communication to allow us to understand our customers exact requirements and to enable us to deliver exactly what our customers want and it is our vision to . We approach each individual solution as a unique challenge and we work together in our multi-disciplined technical team to overcome and accomplish these.

Our highly experienced technical team are able to tailor the mould technologies to the specific application requirements and provide the most complete solutions. We are always developing new and innovative ideas, concepts, and using emerging technologies to ensure our injection moulds remain of the highest possible quality, ultra-efficient, with dimensionally accuracy and repeatability, and capable and stable processes, throughout the product life cycle.

Some of the individual mould technologies we excel at are:

• High cavitation
• Auto unscrewing
• Thin wall packaging
• IML/IMD (In Mould Labelling/Decoration)
• IMA (In Mould Assembly)
• Conformal cooling
• Vario-thermic technology (Rapid heat & cool)
• n-mould closing

Other Mould Technologies

Multi-Cavity Moulds

Multi-cavity moulds are a hugely economical way of producing high quality moulded components…

Medical Moulds

Our moulds are produced to the highest standards for safe use in a clean room environment…

Prototype Moulds

We can supply prototype mould solutions that replicate the production intent to allow for product testing…

At HT Tooling Solutions we strive to increase our competitiveness by providing design and manufacturing capabilities and solutions at a level that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our goal is for a satisfied and successful customer.


Darren Thomas, Managing Director

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