Multi-Cavity Moulds


Multi-cavity moulds are a hugely economical way of producing high quality moulded components.


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Why HT Tooling Solutions?

At HT Tooling Solutions we have been designing and manufacturing multi-cavity mould technologies, for all industry sectors, for 25 years. Our high-cavitation tools are designed to be robust, ultra-efficient, fast cycling, and to maximise process stability, production output, repeatability and capability.

Our in-depth understanding of our customers unique requirements along with innovative design and ultra-precise manufacturing processes ensure each bespoke solution meets all exacting criteria and offers industry leading performance. All components and spares packages are manufactured to strict tolerances and quality standards to guarantee full exchangeability over individual moulds and suites of moulds. Our million shot guarantee, on-going maintenance programmes, and training give sound peace of mind on our customers investment.

We have a solution for virtually every application.

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At HT Tooling Solutions we combine our processes and business activities with ethical principles, honesty and fairness. We have always placed huge emphasis on continuous improvement and continual investment in to our people, our manufacturing facility, and our state of the art machinery.


Darren Thomas, Managing Director

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