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Multi-shot Moulds

Multi-shot moulds give the ability to produce complex mouldings from two (or more) different polymers at the same time during one single process. This highly efficient and cost effective mould technology is becoming increasingly popular as product designers explore the endless possibilities it offers in the way of creative licence.

At HT Tooling Solutions we are hugely experienced in this area of mould making having been producing and developing injection moulds for multi-shot applications for over 20 years.

We have developed and manufactured our own 2k & 3k moulds and have extensive knowledge of all methods of mould operation and transfer (rotational platen, core back, self indexing, pick & place). At HT Tooling Solutions we focus on our customers product and then tailor it to the corresponding mould technology. This is key to ensuring successful and reliable production capability for the mould.

Our understanding of this makes us the ideal partner for multi-shot applications.

At HT Tooling have a solution for virtually every application.